Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pumpkin Patch!

We were sooo excited for this pumpkin patch trip! It's really not too far from our house and its in the beautiful farm land. The area is even prettier now because of the fall colors! The only negative of this fun trip... was the flippin cold weather. We can do cold, but what we can't do is the cold plus the wind chill! We got there at about 10 am and froze our butts off till 2 pm. By the time we left, it was warming up- but we were cold the WHOLE time!
Let's see... we went on a hayride and picked out some pumpkins. This is always Cailyn's favorite part- except this time her lips were turning purple and she was shaking because she was sooo cold. We got back to the main area and warmed up and ate some lunch. We then went to the kiddie area where she rode on a tractor, played in a huge corn pit, slid down some haystacks, held a bunny, and fed some baby goats. She had a great time and was so excited to tell Brady all about it! Peyton enjoyed the hayride, but after lunch he slept the rest of the time there! He is such a good baby, right after lunch- he knows its nap time. He was for sure the warmest out of all of us!
We plan on going back- maybe on a low 60 degree day- without wind- and with Brady.... I don't know if we will be that lucky for all 3 of those things to happen, but we will see! :)

in the corn pit....
on her "just my size" tractor
this is about the time we could have suffered hypo-thermia
love this picture! on our way to get a pumpkin!this is what happens when an animal gets too close.... we won't tell dad :)
she loved this little goat

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