Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Yes it is undeniably true! Our first snow came on October 10th! Now once again... we are from TEXAS, we don't see snow very often if ever. So when we came down stairs and opened our blinds- we were pretty amazed. Our neighbors had already been outside playing in it for like 2 hours- while we were shocked- and I think the kids were trying to figure out what the heck it was! Cailyn was just happy she could eat her froot loops first! :)
I managed to get them some breakfast and all bundled up so we could go play outside too! Cailyn was very excited, Peyton was mad because he was wearing all the winter gear, and I was scared because all my winter gear is still in TEXAS! Oh and the only reason why I have winter gear like snow pants and boots is because we went skiing one year, you don't see stuff like that on the shelfs at Target like you do here.
We successfully played outside for about an hour, but had to go in because poor Peyton couldn't walk or really move in his gear. His gear did fit him perfectly though (thanks Dana & Carter)! I told Cailyn we could go back out during his nap time, but it all melted by then- I am quite confident we will have plenty more opportunities! :) Her favorite part was making snowballs to throw at each other!

Cailyn giving Bubby a kiss through the door
her very own snowball!
at least he is smiling!
poor Peyton...
making tracks around the house
right before we went out to play...


  1. We had snow here too in Idaho!IF you are wondering I am Brady's aunt.I married the youngest Rhodes brother Kip. How are you guys doing? Cute kids by the way!

  2. Glad the coat and boots worked for him! He looks like he can't move! Poor guy! I was so thinking of you that morning wondering what you were thinking about this crazy weather!

  3. Erin! I've been meaning to take a look at your blog forever, and it looks like a lot has been happening. Your kids are adorable, and it looks like you guys are jumping right into Iowa! We loved the local fire station. I'm not sad to not be there for the snow though! We hope you guys are doing good. Have fun on your trip back to Texas.