Thursday, December 3, 2009

Bumps, Bruises, oh my!

Our sweet little Peyton- is without a doubt 100% boy. It is amazing to see how different a little girl is to a little boy. I don't know if everyone agrees, but this is the case for us. Ever since he has started walking and being able to crawl up and down the stairs on his own- I hold my breath a little more each day. Here is a great picture of his bruise that he got a few days before we left for Texas. He was walking around our bed, fell and landed his cheek on our bed railing.
When we were at my parents house for two weeks- I could not even tell you how many times he fell and hit something. His favorite thing to do is climb up and down our small set of stairs and he probably falls down those at least twice a day. He cries for a second when he falls then gets right back up and does it again. As of right now, he has two bruises on opposite sides of his foreheard- one from the bed railing again and the other from our living room table. At least he is toughening himself up! :) His soft side is still his 'momma' and his blankie- so at least I still have that!

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