Tuesday, December 1, 2009

YaY for Halloween!

The only part that counts as "YaY" is the fact that the kids got to dress up and eat candy. Up here where we live they have a 'beggars night' where the kids go out the night before Halloween to trick or treat- great idea except for the fact that it was rainy, windy, and like 30 degrees outside!
Cailyn was a pretty witch, but don't be fooled- she has an evil side :). Peyton was frankenstein, or "Bubby-stein" as we called me. That night Peyton had no desire to even step outside, and Cailyn's attempt only lasted about 10 minutes. Cailyn's witch hat kept flying away and she was shivering because she was so cold. Luckily, we went to our neighbors houses and got just the right amount of candy for her! She ate a ton of candy that night!
A couple of nights before Halloween we went up to Brady's school for a party. The kids favorite part was the tunnel- they pretty much took it over.

Peyton hi-jacking the candy
he is ready for trick or treating!
dividing candy...
our sweet little witch
the tunnel takeover...

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